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Aaron De La Cruz for 55DSL & Birkenstock, Curated by Arkitip Official Launch

Birkenstock comes together for a special joint venture together with 55DSLArkitipBirkenstock and artist Aaron De La Cruz to create a limited and exclusive collection.

It is both an unexpected, yet completely organic partnership. Birkenstock reflect the roots and quality that 55DSL prides itself in, while Hypebeast’s support of emerging artists resonates with 55DLS’s commitment to helping upcoming talents have a loudspeaker for their art.

Andrea Rosso of 55DSL himself has deep admiration for Birkenstock, describing the brand as “iconic”. “I’ve been wearing Birkenstock for years and have always admired their timeless styling and the high quality craftsmanship that is so evident in each pair. Bringing Arkitip into the fold was a natural choice, as I admire their support of young emerging artists. I look forward to seeing what the final result is!“

The customized Birkenstock Monterey by Aaron De La Cruz’s  sandals feature an all-black base with a specially molded footbed for unparalleled support and comfort. Finishing touches include metal buckles embossed with the BIRKENSTOCK logo and the collaborating brands stamped into the footbed. The sandals are accompanied by a sweat and a T-shirt featuring black-on-black patterns mirroring the mural’s design.Currently the special-edition sandals exclusively available through the HYPEBEAST Store.

Check out the release video and the insightful Making Of Feature in which curator Arkitip talks about the genesis of this special collaboration together with Aaron De La Cruz for 55DSL and Birkenstock.

Auch London Fashionistas haben sich vom Wetter nicht aufhalten lassen.

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